Years of working with leadership in the church, the marketplace and in other spheres, has led us to fully believe that every individual, congregation, Sr. Pastor, CEO, employee, family, city and nation can move in alignment with the heart of God – bringing Kingdom transformation to their sphere of influence. We believe God has a unique purpose and destiny for each of His children that burns in their very being with a holy discontent until they are able to step towards it’s fulfillment.

Some would describe this journey like that of a woman carrying a child…being pregnant with the purposes of God. As Project Restoration it’s our great joy to come alongside as “midwives” to help “birth the baby”. The journey of birthing the things of God looks different for everyone, what is needed to bring that baby into the world differs for every individual, ministry and company. It’s our honor to walk with you in the journey of bringing forth God dreams and Kingdom movement.