Our heart is to be with you outside of Sunday and help you encounter the Presence of God in your job, family, church, community, business – every aspect of your life. We want you to own the encounter in daily life and learn how to give it away…. It looks different for each person and each context brings its unique longings. Some of what we offer to foster the invitation:


Offering Market and Church Consulting


Spiritual and Life Coaching that offers counsel and encouragement

Inner Healing

Partnering with Holy Spirit to help people walk into wholeness, identity and freedom. Pulling from our years using Theophostic, Emmanuel, Sozo, Prophetic Deliverance and Heart Sync models.

Teaching / Training

Equipping Communities, families and individuals

Walking with Leaders in Transition

Coming alongside leaders who are transitioning from one season to the next, also helping leaders who are transitioning their community or team to the next

Conferences & Retreats

Offering gatherings for communities, businesses and regions

Prophetic Counsel

Offering Heaven’s Perspective

Emotional Intelligence

Equipping people in self-awareness and in interfacing with others through brave communication and honor

Executive Mediation

Offering a third-party perspective and mediation for critical conversations, reconciliation and relational dynamics

Holding a Safe Space to Process

Offering a place for people to process life

Partnering with Leaders to Implement Change

Partnering with leaders, and potentially their community, to strategically implement change


We believe in the value and power of prayer. We want to partner with God in calling in the fullness of all He has for individuals, families, communities, businesses, and nations

Marketplace Chaplin

Coming alongside businesses to offer “on the ground” spiritual counsel, inner-healing, prayer, and a safe place for staff to process

Bridging and Connecting

Helping individuals, communities and businesses connect based upon specific needs and Kingdom alignment

Resource Development

Creating resources to serve individuals, families, ministries, schools and businesses: curriculum, books, workshops, etc.

Creative Endeavors

Fresh expressions of identity, family, home, work and more